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Donate Your Car

Just when you thought that a car was just a car.

Access to affordable transportation is a key factor in the ability of a family to manage and overcome experiences of low-income and poverty. Transportation creates positive economic and social benefits for the whole community.  Our families use cars to:

  • Increase employment opportunities and job security

  • Raise the amount of funds for other basic needs

  • Allow greater access to asset building opportunities such as education and employment training

  • Improve health outcomes by providing access to medical facilities and appointments

  • Reduce social exclusion

  • Attend community events

  • Provide a greater sense of independence, increased social connections, and reduced stress

Seacoast Family Promise is in need of vehicles "in good condition" to keep our families flourishing and self-sufficient. Vehicle donation can often surpass or replace trade-in values. Vehicles should be in need of less than $1,000 in repairs for inspection, and donors are asked to consider providing inspectable vehicles.

Please call 603-658-8448 or email to learn more or to schedule a vehicle drop off.

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