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Volunteer Opportunities

Our community is what keeps us going strong. 

Day Center Volunteer


Our Day Center is located in Exeter, NH. It offers our families a place, to eat, sleep, shower, do laundry, and where the kids can play.  Adults can talk with our case manager, receive services and use our technological resources.  It is a place of support, guidance and normalcy.


• Volunteer for special events 

• Help with Day Center needs such as clerical work, landscaping, gardening, organizing

• Donate professional services 

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Community Volunteer

We have been delighted with the different and creative ways people get involved with our organization.


From your OWN HOME:


• Liking and Sharing us on Facebook & Instagram

• Having a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday or other special occasion

• Donating your in good condition, unwanted vehicle


• Organizing a food pantry drive or meeting

• Raising awareness through your own business

• Doing a community service project

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