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Donate a Vehicle

Help a local family get back on the road to and from work and school by donating your

"in good condition" used vehicle to Seacoast Family Promise. 


It’s Not Just a Car…

It’s a Lifeline

Lack of transportation is the number one reason for poverty in the United States.  Homelessness among families with children is in fact one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless population. 

Your tax deductible vehicle donation can help prevent a family from:

  • Driving an unsafe vehicle

  • Losing a job and ultimately, their home

  • Compromising their health by missing medical and dental appointments

  • Experiencing a sense of isolation when school or sports activities are frequently missed


Help build stronger families and communities with your donation of a vehicle today.


Contact or call 603-658-8448 to discuss your donations today.

Maggie with Van.jpg

Thank you Maggie for donating your in great condition mini van to Seacoast Family Promise!

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