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Melissa's Major Milestone

Ongoing success is worthy of celebration! And few people deserve a shout-out as much as Melissa, a former participant of Seacoast Family Promise (who was featured in our Fall Appeal last year).

Melissa was recognized at her job as one of the Caregivers of the Year. Beyond a beautiful bouquets of flowers and a celebratory plaque, Melissa will receive a special spotlight at a banquet in November.

"My boss says I'll be the star of the show," she says.

Melissa worked hard to earn her LNA license, studying while she was still experiencing homelessness with her two sons. But she persevered and ultimately graduated at the top of her class.

And after only six months working as an LNA at the Exeter Center Nursing Home, she was awarded Employee of the Month in April.

"This is all because of Seacoast Family Promise," she says. "They told me about the LNA class, which was just a minute away from the shelter. Miss Pati is a wealth of wisdom and so supportive, along with everyone else who works there. And I always say it's not me, but God that works through me. That really is my truth."

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