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A Day of Gratitude

August 19 was a wonderful day at Seacoast Family Promise: we received two unexpected notes from families who had completed our program (our alumni so to speak!).

To all who support our mission - here is evidence of your impact!

"This day three years ago, you accepted me into Seacoast Family Promise. I am forever grateful to you and the program.

If it wasn't for you guys my options were Manchester and Rochester, in the not so good areas. Or stay in the toxic environment I was in. I still can't believe how lucky I am."


"I'm so glad to see the growth of Seacoast Family Promise! I am grateful for the help you and Seacoast Family Promise provided me and 4 of my now 5 girls. I currently live in the sunshine state and work as a Supervisor for Behavioral Health Technicians at a prominent substance use disorder treatment program.

I love my life and my job, and I am happily married. My oldest, who was 9 at the time we were part of the program, is now almost 19 and enrolled in a nursing program. The second, who was only 7, is now 16 and learning to drive. The younger two do not remember much from our time spent with Seacoast Family Promise, but my older girls and I share happy memories with them.

While in the program we made friends for life. We still maintain contact with two other families that were in the program with us via social media and occasional phone calls.

I wanted to say thank you and pay it forward. I can afford to send some support."


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