Our Partners

Host congregations provide space in their buildings to serve as temporary homes. The congregations serve in this capacity on a rotating schedule, with each congregation serving for a week at a time about four times each year. During the week that the congregation is hosting, participating families are present from 5:00pm until 7:30am the next morning. Our Partners work with our Hosts to provide the support needed to help us Guide Families Home


From 7:30am until 5:00pm parents and children are either in school or working, and they have the ability to use our Day Center where they receive case management support and can shower, do laundry, care for toddlers, and search for employment and housing.


Volunteers recruited from the host congregations and throughout Seacoast area provide hospitality by sharing their time, making meals, spending the night, playing with children and lending their passion and expertise to help families get back on their feet. In this way, family homelessness is addressed through a true community response in a very cost-effective manner.

If you would like to explore the possibility of your congregation or organization becoming a Host or a Partner in the Seacoast Family Promise network, please contact us at 603-658-8448 or director@seacoastfamilypromise.org.



Bethany Church, Greenland                                                                   

Pastor Bruce Boria

Coordinators: Joan Schaeffer & Rev. Bob Whittet


Christ Episcopal Church, Exeter                                                     

Rev. Mark Pendelton                                                                               

Coordinator: Christine Nelson


First United Methodist Church, Portsmouth                                 

Rev. Debra Hanson

Coordinator: Jennifer Berry


Community Congregational Church of Greenland                          

Rev. Mark Brockmeier                                                                        

Coordinators: Richard & BJ Lates


Hampton United Methodist Church                                                     

Rev. Dr. Steven Notis                                                                                Coordinators: Russ Darling & Priscilla Fanning


North Hampton United Church of Christ                                           

Rev. Mike Gelsomini

Coordinators: Sherri Amjad


Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Brentwood                            

Rev. Tara Olsen Allen

Coordinators: Doris Noyes, Curt Springer & Bette Orcutt


St. Mary’s Church, Newmarket

Father Marc Montminy

Coordinator: Helen Sanders


Stratham Community Church                                                          

Rev. Donna Muise

Coordinators: Marny & Joe Keith & Laura Batchelder


Unitarian Universalist Church of Portsmouth

Rev. Susan Suchocki-Brown (interim)

Coordinators: Janet Caylor

Amanda Donovan, Meg Leonard

Evelyn Moore, &  Rocky Moore 



Exeter Congregational Church

Rev. Dr. Emily Heath

Coordinators: Laura Williams & Steve Wood


First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter                         

Rev. Kendra Ford                                                                

Coordinator: Helen O. Kruppa


Islamic Society of the Seacoast Area

Coordinator: Brigitte Herz

 St. John’s Episcopal Church, Portsmouth                               

Rev. Rob Stevens                                                                        

Coordinators: Kathi Hardy & Gerry Simpkins


St. John’s United Methodist Church, Dover                            

Rev. Sue Frost                                                                               

Coordinator: Bev Haas


St. Michael’s Church, Exeter

Father Marc Montminy

Coordinators: Tom Blonski & Karen Polzinetti


7th Day Adventist Church, Portsmouth                                            

Pastor Phil Johnson

Coordinator: Joe Afienko


Temple Israel, Portsmouth

Rabba Kaya Stern-Kaufman

Coordinators: Rachel Dennis & Marsha Herman


Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship                                      

Coordinator: Dawn Meridith

Newmarket Community Church

Pastor Patty Marsden


Exeter Rotary

Coordinator: Maggie Dietz


Newmarket Lion’s

Coordinator: Brett Larkin


Newmarket Democratic Town Committee

Coordinator: Michael Cahill