2019 Report to Our Community

Who We Are

2019 Board of Directors

Irving Canner, President

Judy George, Vice President

Ken George, Treasurer

Maureen Callahan

Diane Charney

Richard Danford

Eric Flaim

Susan Hess

John Potter

Mark Fichera

Mercedes Monaco

Molly Wynne



Pati Frew-Waters, Executive Director

Ashley Miller, Case Manager

Lauren Paradis, Administrative Manager

Eileen Metcalf, Bookkeeper

Darlene McDonough, Day Center


Our Mission

The mission of
Family Promise is to empower families with children who are experiencing homelessness to achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.

Our Vision:

Seacoast Family Promise envisions a community in which every family has a home, a livelihood, and the foundation on which to build a better future together


Seacoast Family Promise

27 Hampton Road, Exeter, NH 03833




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A Message of Hope

As we reflect on 2019, we first must thank our faith communities, over 1,500 volunteers, and the many stakeholders, and business partners who believe in our mission and have stood with us whether in 2019, or during our past 18 years as we have served families with children experiencing homelessness. We continue to focus on developing programs and services that help provide a permanent and secure home for all.

And the statistics in this report show that our programs are working. We also acknowledge a hopeful note in the most recent study from the New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness, which shows both a slight improvement in homelessness statistics, as well as new funding sources approved by legislative policymakers that acknowledge the need for additional investment in housing and homeless services.

This past year, Seacoast Family Promise continued to embrace its core mission through the purchase of adjacent property at 25 Hampton Road, Exeter, that allows us to provide permanent supportive housing to two families who have succeeded in our program or are recommended by partner agencies and meet our application requirements. Through a network of volunteers and local professionals, the property was renovated into two condominiums. Our first tenant, a former guest of the program, recently moved in and when we knocked on the door to welcome her, she tearfully welcomed us with, “I never imagined I would live in such a beautiful home—I love it!”

Other highlights included our June fundraising event, the “The Swing for Seacoast” Golf Tournament at the Pease Golf Course, and our November “Appreciation Celebration” at The Tuscan Kitchen to celebrate both our mission and our loyal supporters. We are also grateful for the continued partnership with RiverWoods as we plan for the next Gala.

All of these efforts help support our talented staff and the daily services they provide to current families at our beautiful Day Center, as well as a full range of services we offer to our former families through a comprehensive “Home Again” post program. Finally, with lack of transportation being the number one reason for poverty in this country, we continue to distribute in-good-condition donated vehicles to ensure that our families have the means to dependably commute to work and school.

At present, we are all living in an extremely difficult time of uncertainty given the COVID-19 Virus. We look ahead with more questions than answers as we make plans for our future, but we remain hopeful. At Seacoast Family Promise we thrive on “hopeful.” Our families show us every day what it means to live with uncertainty but remain focused and hopeful for a better future. Seacoast Family Promise exists for times like these. The effects of our shared efforts continue to provide a stronger, healthier community for everyone—even in times of pandemic. And together we continue to hope and see the light and better times ahead.

With good wishes of health and happiness to your families,

Irv Canner, President                                                                                                                                                                               Judy George, Vice President

A Note from the Director


Seacoast Family Promise certainly came a long way in 2019. Providing comprehensive solutions for families with children experiencing homelessness.  Families come to us in crisis; our approach of family-centered, trauma informed care and coordinated compassion helps them rebuild their lives with new skills and ongoing support.  Once again last year, we placed 100% of our families in sustainable housing and our all-time non-recidivism rate remains at 90%.


We firmly believe that families need to remain together during what is one of the most difficult times of their lives.  To that end we engage over 1,700 volunteers annually who work with staff to ensure that the level of care and support given to our families is the best it can be.


Our Home Again post shelter program continues to grow as more former families find the need to have continuing supportive services.  We have developed a diversion protocol to encourage families to identify safe housing options based on their own resources, allowing them to avoid the shelter system when possible.


In 2019, Seacoast Family Promise had four former guest teens graduate from college; three mothers graduated from college as well and we are looking forward to seeing those numbers grow in 2020. The program runs on a very tight budget and for every dollar raised, we receive $3.00 in in-kind services from our volunteers, businesses, schools and organizations.  This kind of community involvement and support is not often found and has proven to be a strong model for creating healthy, thriving communities for all.


Don’t be deceived by all of the good news.  The need for our services continues to be great but we feel so privileged to be on the front lines, helping where and when we can. Personally, I feel fortunate to have had good staffers over the past 16 years. People who are dedicated to the well-being of friends and neighbors, residents and the hundreds of children who need to look toward a better future full of hope and prosperity.


"Thank you" are two small words that mean so much to Seacoast Family Promise.  We don’t just say it to be polite but rather because you all deserve our thanks for the unending support and love that you have given over the years. You have been transformative. 


With sincere respect and admiration for you all,

Pati Frew-Waters, Executive Director

Thank you to Kelly Hutchinson (pictured left),
VP Branch Manager of Kennebunk Savings Bank, and Trish Jefferies from
National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) for your
generous support in 2019

2019 in Numbers...

...and Faces

Ava and her beautiful smile at the Seacoast Family Promise Day Center

Liz and her beautiful children

“It’s not just a car, it’s a lifeline.”

Katie showing appreciation for her new car via our Caring Cars Program.


Our Family

Seacoast Family Promise

  • 1,700 volunteers annually

  • 20,426 hours of service

  • 12,000 meals

  • 4,000 bednights.

Irving Canner,
2019 Board Member of the Year

Marcia Dauphinas,
2019 Volunteer of the Year

Ken George,
2019 Community Volunteer
of the Year

Marney Keith,

2019 Coordinator of the Year 


100% Seven consecutive years of families with children returning to the community intact!

90% Sixteen consecutive years of families employed and remaining in stable housing!

**SFP received $570,923 in goods and services in 2019

YOU continue to amaze us with your support!

A Caring Community, A Fabulous Find

Nikki and her friend "teetering" around on the playground.

Cain enjoying some birthday party fun
complete with bubbles

The Gove Group Real Estate LLC visited our day center to make a wonderful donation

Than Meyer donated his incredible gift of craftsmanship

Salem Exchange Club, a community supporter

Eastern Bank provided a fabulous day of service

Hampton Hannaford dug right in to

 help with Fall clean-up

Girls in Action share some wonderful items collected with love for Valentine’s Day

Thomas & Mary Lambert

Chuck Landry

Rachel Lane

Thomas Loosmore

Harold & Sandra Mackay

Ann Malconian

Katherine Malfa

Elissa Margolin

Stephanie Marshall

Martin Lee & Nancy Lambert Fund, TIAA Charitable

Kathy Maxwell Fitzgerald & Brian Fitzgerald

Donna & Morgan McCay

Mary & Allen McGee

Daniel & Melanie


Tracey McGrail

Alice Miller

Cheryl Miller

Steve & Elaine Molleur

Mercedes Monaco

Steve & Ann Nassoura

Jacques & Marie

Melanie & William Nesheim

Arden & Sheryl Niswender

Northeast Credit Union

Gail & Bill Nostrom

Gail O'Connor-Mounger

Kathleen & Dennis O'Neil

Ann & Thomas Parziale

Alice Passer & Barry Krieger

John Pendleton

Harry Pierson

Michelle Plante

Elena & Jeffrey Pomroy

Teresa Puzzo

Ken Quesenberry

Ilya Rasner

Marybeth & Thomas Reis

Gregg Rennie

Butch & Kathleen Ricci

Kathleen Riess

William Ritchotte II

Katherine Rocconi

Doug Rosette

Rotary Club of Portsmouth Sunrise NH

Heather & Timothy Runnette

Karla Ruzicka

Anne Ryder

Helen & Donald Sanders

Martha Santoro

Paul Schneiderman & Karin Caruso

Julia Ann Schultz

Ivy & Fran Scricco

Molly & Glenn Seaverns

Paulette & Wayne Semprini

Dave & Claire Service

Connie Shea

Jennifer Shepherd

Jennifer Shoer

Christopher Shultz

Paula & Karl Singer

J. Worth Slade

St. Mark's United Methodist Church

Rob Stempien

Betty Stevens

Barbara Stone

Janet Swanson

Nancy & Jack Taylor

Temple Israel Tzedakah Fund

Tim Tetreault

The Journeyman Players' Association

David & Bobbie Timmerman

Mary Anne Totten

Joe Tucci

Janet Tucker

Christine & Drew VanDerslice

Vigilant Capital Management

Pat Waldron

Natalie & Glenn Walker

Linda & Patrick Walsh

Paula Walsh

Ted Wanyo

Joanne Ward

Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Weaver

Gerry Weidema & Joseph Simeone

Thomas & Diane Weil

Steve Westcott

Jennifer & Christopher Wheeler

John & Sheila Whittier

Robert & Christine Wickham

Brad Wiggin

Cynthia Williams

Barbara Wilson

Curt Wilson

Douglas & Kim Wood

Marie & John Zappala-Stewart


YOUR Community Support


 $10,000 and above

Cogswell Benevolent Trust

Dobles Foundation

Exeter Hospital

Ingeborg Trust

Little Harbour Charitable Foundation

NH Charitable Foundation

Oleonda Jameson Trust

Samuel P Hunt Foundation

State of New Hampshire Tuft's Health Plan Foundation

United Way of MA Bay

Wells Fargo Foundation


$5,000 - $9,999

A Caring Community

Bethany Church


K & K Moody Fund - Maine Community Foundation

Kennebunk Savings Bank

Paula Merritt

Roy & Ute Tellini

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Saab Family Foundation


$2,500 - $4,999


Jane Bruno

Maureen Callahan

Christ Episcopal Church

Citizens Bank Arthur Getz Trust

Judith and Dave Clark

Congregational Church of Exeter

Diocese of Manchester

Kenneth W. Prodo Revocable Trust

MacDonald Family Foundation

Merrill Lynch Trust

Network for Good

Newburyport Bank

NH Charitable Foundation - Joseph G. and Jean E. Sawtelle Fund

People's United Community Foundation

Piscataqua Savings Bank

Raymond James Charitable


Susan & James Rogers

Rolling Green Nursery

Sprague Energy

Bridget Stebbins

Town of Hampton, NH


















$1,000 - $2,499


Aetna Foundation, Inc.

Richard & Janice Bajger

Tara Holmes Ball

Fran Berman

Sarah Bird

Bluemar Promotions

Bournival, Inc.

Tammie & Thomas Burns

Irving & Victoria Canner

Janet & Edward Caylor

Tim & Patience Chamberlin

Diane & Marty Charney

City of Portsmouth

Elizabeth L. & Roderick D. Crepeau

Currier's Leather Furniture

Mark & Cathy Donlevie

Mary & George Donovan

Estate Planners of New England

Eversource Energy Foundation, Inc

Exeter Rotary Club

Mark & Elizabeth Fichera

Fidelity Charitable-Makris Family Fund

FINOP Services, LLC

David & Barbara Fittro

Marci Francis & Eric Flaim

Judy & Kenneth George

Mitch & Wendy Hankin

Gail & Neil Hiltunen

Lisa Hunt

Brenda Johnston

Linda & Daniel Jones

Joanne Lamprey

Liberty Mutual

Long Term Care Partners, LLC

James MacVane

Susan & James Masterson

Michele McCarthy

Michael Jon Rush Foundation for Children

Milestone Financial Planning

Dan & Linda Jones Fund

NH Charitable Foundation-Josephine A Lamprey Fund

NH Charitable Foundation - Mark & Diana McNabb Charitable Fund

NH Charitable Foundation, Geoffrey E. Clark and Martha Fuller Clark Fund

NH Charitable Foundation-George W. Merck Fund

Pamela & Antonios Nicholas

Mike & Patricia Pangan

John & Nancy Potter

Denise Poulos

Russell & Susan Prescott

Charles Riopel & Jean Ryan

Joan & Peter Schaeffer

Beth Seaverns

South Church Unitarian Universalist

Speedway Children's Charities

St. Andrew's By-The-Sea

The David P. and Jerilyn Brownell Family Fund of the Ayco Charitable Foundation

The Gove Group Real Estate

John S. Taylor

Town of Exeter

Town of Rye



Whitehall Foundation

Molly & Matt Wynne

$1 - $99


Elizabeth Anderson

Susan Avis

Ken Bailey

Linda Beaton

Pamela Beggan

Anne Belakonis

Andrea Benson

Frederick & Virginia Berrien

Janet & Victor Bilodeau

Christine & Steven Bjork

Jean Booker

Amy & Steve Borne

Don & Mary Jo Briselden

Paula Caceda

Patricia Campbell

Briana Carrigg

Michael Carroll

Darleen Chadwick

Patricia Chalpin

Tirsah Charles

Carolyn & William Chudzik

Donald & Priscilla Clark

Rebecca Cliche

Herb Colby

Susan Cole & David Marx

Richard Collier & Olga Tomanovich

David & Barbara Corbett

Jody & John Couillard

Heather Crowley & Bradley Rice

Linda Currier

Jane Cyr

Gwen Davis

Jennifer Decker

Karen Delisle

Robert Dennett & Helen Smith

Elizabeth & Peter Derby

Susan Dewhirst

Joseph & Patti Diament

Peter & Jennie Dinnerman

Kathleen Dolan

Kathy & Dennis Donovan

Adrienne & Michael Drummey

Barbara Dunnington

Barbara N. Dunsford

Mary Elliott

Wayne & Betty Elliott

Julie Fallon

Myles Falvella

Jack & Carol Fermery

Barbara E. Levenson Charitable Fund

Carole Filiault

Richard & Shirley Fischer

Marilyn Flavin

Sylvia Foster

Pamela Fraser

Jane Gallant

Leo & Christine Gies

Nancy Gordon

Joan & Thomas Gough

Bob Grant

Carol Gulla

Mildred Guth

Beverly Hall

Nancy L. Hansen

Leslie & John Haslam

Phyllis Heilbronner

Rita Henderson

Gerry and Tim Henry

Suzanne & Malcom Heslop

William & Marla Hickey, III

Linda & Jeffrey Hillier

Angie Hinckley

Anne Hodsdon

Grace Holihan

Joan & Stephen Holmes

Ron & Phyllis Houghton

Fran Houlihan

Nancy & Andrew Jaffe

Trish Jeffrey

Scott & Nancy Johnson

Margaret & James Jubb

Catherine Karalis

The Keily Family

Stephen & Gwen Kenney

Dennis & Susan Kepner

Karen Kobzik

Dileep Kolli

Eve Kornhauser

Theresa & Walter Kowalczyk

Jake Kritzer & Brooke Baldwin

Ladies Union United Church of Christ

Linda & Michael Lambert

Diana Lee

Donald & Elizabeth Little

Nancy Lukens

Gale Lyon

Lisa Macbride

Kathleen McQuarrie

Richard Madden

Alice Mansfield

George McCluskey & Mary Rowbottom McCluskey

Scott & Nancy McKinney

Marion Mengert

Robert & Susan Mennel

Eileen & Ronald Metcalf

David & Jessica Michelsen

Sammie & Byron Moe

Robert Moore & Patricia Bernier-Moore

Anthony & Anne Moretti Tufts

Sally & John Morris

Carolyn Morse-Finn

Herbert & Karen Moyer

Neil & Janice Murray

Karen Myers

Carl Nelson

Alison Novello

James & Carol Nupp

Elizabeth O'Brien

Paul O'Neil

Janice & David Olsen

Richard & Florelle Olson

Kristen Osterwood

Jon & Ellen Otash

Lindsay Pappas

Tracey Parenteau

Linda Patchett & Brian Walsh

Mary Pauly

Anna Pike

Donna & Thomas Pistole

Carmen & Gregg Pollack

Margery & Gregory Prazar

Mary-Paige & Daniel Provost

James Purington & Christine McHugh Purington

Alison Pyott

Jane Queeno

Joseph Radosevich

Catherine Reno

Jill Richter

Rockingham Dental Group

Linda Roscoe

Emma Rous

James & Sally Sanderson

Margaret Schoene

Seacoast Children's Dentistry PLLC

Susan Shachtman

Melanie Shields

Bonnie Sheets

Joyce Sheffield

Betty Smith

James & Debra Smith

William & Barbara Smucker

Reverend Linda Snyder

Norman Sousa

Ann Stone

Stratham 76ers

Mary Strathern

Dorothy Straus

Michelle Sullivan

Richard Swett

Marjorie Taft

Cynthia Tanguay

Barbara & William Taylor

TIAA Charitable Giving Fund

Alese Turner-Currie

Unity on the River

Michael & Sara Urbano

Robert Vaccaro

Carolyn Vinica

Pat Vorkink

Marjorie Wachtel & Morris Stettner

Shayna Walters

Sarah Wanczyk

Andrew & Bonnie Weeks

Marylee Welling

Katharine Wentworth

Deborah & Ritchie White

Patricia Yosha & Malcolm Wetherbee

Lois Young

$250 - $499


Barbara Jean Anderson

Appleseeds Day School

Dawn Barker

Ellen Bernard

Margaret Bradford

John Bunker

Susan & Dennis Burke

Pat & Harlan Cutshall

Lisa & Paul Dachsteiner

Delta Dental Plan of New Hampshire

Elizabeth Dietel

Michael & Diane Donahue

Beth & Robert Dumas

Exchange Club of Salem NH INC

Federal Savings Bank Charitable Foundation

Fidelity Charitable-Spaulding Giving Fund

Jameson and Priscilla French

Karen & Craig Gendron

Granite United Way - Merrimack County Region

Jerrian & Richard Hartmann

Lauren Hill & James Sanner

Robert Hurstak

Linda Jenkins

Charles Kalauskas

Paul Kayne

Joseph Keefe

Grant & Michelle Kingsley

Allison & Brian Knab

Gabriele Lieberg & Walter Wingate, Jr.

Paige Marston

Katherine Miller & Steve Jones

Linda & David Muchemore

NH Charitable Foundation -

Impax Asset Management Charitable Fund

North Hampton School

Nils Oulundsen

Rick Page

Jeannie & Leonard Pichini

Frank Pope

Joan Pratt

Kim & Robin Schnell

Seven Eleven

Deanna Spaulding

Carmen & Don Squires

Linda & William Statires

Janet Sylvester

Temple Israel

The Baker-Baum Charitable Fund

Tobey & Merrill Insurance

UCC North Hampton, Men's Group

United Way of Greater Portland

Joseph & Kathy Vallera

Linda Van de Car

Richard & Karene Wallis

 Stephen & Patricia Wood


Nancy & Edward Zadravec

$500 - $999

Abraham Burtman Charity Trust

AG Romney Giving Fund - Fidelity Charitable

Michael & Abby Aldous

Audi of Stratham

Badger Fund Memorial Fund for Women and Children

Glenn & Carolyn Bancroft

Jeanette Bandouveres

Belknap Dental Associates

Pamela Bottomley

Janet & Bob Brown

Jessie Caldwell

Patricia Chaudoin

Cotton Cleveland & John Garvey

James Colcord

David Dadoly

Mike & Patty Dawley

Ramona Dow & Jerry Dione

Mary Christine Dwyer & Mike Huxtable

Edward Miller

Exeter Area General Federation of Women's Clubs

Exeter Subaru

Angela & Adam Fallon

Hankin Charitable Gift Fund

Elizabeth Field

First Congregational Church of Hampton

First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter

Pati Frew-Waters & Erich Waters


Great Island Realty

Travis Grieb

Pamela Hall

Hampton United Methodist Women

Jennifer & Todd Hedges

Jane & Theodore Heidenreich, Jr.

Henderson Family Foundation

Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Greg Hopkins

JGM Trucking, LLC

Gail Kennedy

Judy & Craig Krespach

Dominique & Timothy MacDonald

Marci & Co

Rev. Patricia & James Marsden

Katherine McDonnell

Theodore & Dawn Meredith

Alison Molloy

Bob & Marcia Nicoll

North Church of Portsmouth

Henry Ouimet

John & Nancy Potter

Provident Bank

Sue Richards

RSM Boston Foundation

Janell Rubio

Tina Sawtelle

Sunrise Rotary Charitable Corporation

Nancy Seesman

Charlie Shultz

Valerie Sobel

Stratham Community Church

Lynne Sylvia & John Rickert

Bernadette Thompson

Tidewater Financial Group

Michael & Mary Torrisi

Amy Turner Carr

David & Susan Wakefield

Kristen Walsh

Mary Weathersby

Lisa & Mike Wilson

Danette & Steve Wineberg

Youngclaus & Company, P.L.L.C.

$100 - $249

Jacqueline Agel

Dr.James & Sharon Alderman

Mical Allopenna & George Badolato

Peggy & Jim Anderson

Jane Ansaldo-Church & Kortright Church

Stephen & Barbara Armstrong

Helen Arnold & Merrin Arnold Shovlin

Karen Ayers

Mary Barrett

Mary Barry

Rollie & Dee Batson

Ronald & Linda Benedict

Diane Bergeron & Jackie Armitage

The Bergeron Family

Nancy Beveridge

Eileen & John Bischoff

John Mark Blowen & Sally Wool

Stuart & Paula A. Boxer

Donna Brandt Lawrence

Shelley Brass

Barbara B. Broderick

Deb Bronson

David & Jerilyn Brownell

Lisa Butler

Peter & Kathy Cady

Anne & Bill Campbell

Karen Campbell

Elizabeth Carroll

Mike Carty

Nancy Cauvet

David & Elizabeth Choate

Stephen Cieplik

Joan Clark

Kenneth & Debbie Clark

Kathryne Clarke

Bill and Margaret Clifford

Mark & Lisa Cochran

Helen Cohen

Comcast Corporation

Ellsworth & Denyse Comins, Jr.

Jason Conway

Daryle & Mary Ann Cooper

Cheryl Costantini

Maureen Costello

Darren & Eileen Coute

Rhenda DeAngelis

William DeProfio

Kathleen Dickinson Rockwood

John & Virginia Dover

William & Christine Downall

Ellen & John Dozet

Cynthia Drake

Robert Dugger

Heidi Duncanson & Mark Weaver

Karin & Steven Dunn

Carla Eaton

James Eisenhaure

Patti & Michael Elwell

F.L. Merrill Construction, Inc.

Priscilla & Stuart Fanning

Charlotte Fardelmann

Jim Farnham


Henry Ferrell & Gwen English

Fidelity Charitable - Joyce and John Shaw Giving Account

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Hirschberg Family Fund

Flagg Law PLLC

Anne Flaherty

Thomas & Patricia Flaherty

Darel & Barbara Fletcher

Martin Fraser

Leslie Frazier

Philip Freiberger

Polly Friedrichs

Veronica Gauvin

Constance & Ronald George

Karen Gerome

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Grove Street Fiduciary, Inc.

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Susan Kaufmann

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Chantal Kimball

Dara Klein & Richard Frank

John & Patricia Klotz

Christine Knapp & Casey Kim

Helen & Richard Kruppa

Ella La Montagne

Ashley & Bert Lamb

Peggy Lamb

Stones of Meaning

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."

-Maya Angelou


Tribute Gifts

In Honor of Nancy & Peter Brown

Elizabeth Carroll

Jennifer Decker

In Honor of Jane Bruno

Pamela Hall

Ella LaMontagne

In Honor of Janet Caylor

Rachel Lane

In Memory of Hildamae Clements

Jerrian & Richard Hartmann

Betty Stevens

In Honor of Russ Darling

Wayne & Betty Elliott

In Honor of Ms. Dawson’s Class

Kristen Osterwood

In Honor of Nancy Decker

Ilya Rasner

In Honor of Priscilla Fanning

Wayne & Betty Elliott

In Honor of Dale Germinatas

Catherine Karalis

In Memory of Dominic Gray

Anna Pike

In Honor of Neil Hiltunen

Eleanor H. Vien

In Honor of Greg Hopkins

Beth Seaverns

In Honor of Homer Johnson

William & Marla Hickey, III

In Honor of Deanne Levine Hirshberg

Sally Hirshberg

In Honor of Morgan McCay

Donna & Morgan McCay

In Honor of Ken Morino

Ilya Rasner

In Honor of Mary Oliver

Ladies Union United Church of Christ

In Honor of Ms. Peter’s Class

Kristen Osterwood

In Memory of Kenneth Prodo

Bill Prodo

In Honor of Dan Provost

Mary-Paige & Daniel Provost

In Memory of Martha Robinson

Michael & Diane Donahue

Forest Trees

In Memory of Janet Rogan Pedlow

Mary & George Donovan

In Honor of Beth Seaverns

Molly & Glenn Seaverns

In Honor of Julie Southworth

Alison Pyott

In Memory of Ruth P. Taylor

Mary Barrett

Jennifer Haldemann

Ron Houghton

In Honor of Maggie Weaver

Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Weaver

In Honor of Karen & Claude Whiting

Judy & Ken George

In Honor of Mary Whitney

Donald & Elizabeth Little

In Honor of Andrew Vorkink

Pat Vorkink

  In Memory of Ann Hopkins



Dr.James & Sharon Alderman

Helen Arnold & Merrin Arnold Shovlin

Tara Holmes Ball

    Rollie & Dee Batson

 Linda Beaton

 Pamela Beggan

Diane Bergeron & Jackie Armitage

Nancy Beveridge

Christine & Steven Bjork

Mindy & Stan Bocko

Briana Carrigg

Janet & Edward Caylor

Carolyn & William Chudzik

Cotton Cleveland & John Garvey

Susan Cole & David Marx

Rhenda DeAngelis

Rev. Len DeRoche-South Church Unitarian Universalist

Joseph & Patti Diament

Elizabeth Dietel

Tory Dietel Hopps & Jonathan Hopps

Kathleen Dolan

Robert Dugger

Barbara N. Dunsford

Mary Christine Dwyer & Mike Huxtable

Carla Eaton

  James Eisenhaure

Priscilla & Stuart Fanning

Charlotte Fardelmann

Leslie Frazier

Jameson and Priscilla French

Pati Frew-Waters & Erich Waters

Jane Gallant

Bob Grant

Patricia Hartman

James & Sally Sanderson

Martha Santoro

Ivy & Fran Scricco

Beth Seaverns

Susan Shachtman

Jennifer Shepherd

Valerie Sobel

Norman Sousa

Ann Stone

Michael & Mary Torrisi

Joseph & Kathy Vallera

Carolyn Vinica

Sarah Wanczyk

Thomas & Diane Weil

Katharine Wentworth

Deborah & Ritchie White

Marie & John Zappala-Stewart

James Heinrich

Linda & Jeffrey Hillier

Angie Hinckley

Judy Hinds

Anne Hodsdon

Linda Jenkins

Carol Ann & Frank Jensen

Phil Johnson

Charles Kalauskas

Kathryn Keily

The Keily Family

Mary Beth Kelley

Wendy Kessler & William Bland

Chantal Kimball

Dara Klein & Richard Frank

Karen Kobzik


Richard Madden

Katherine Malfa

Elissa Margolin

Rebecca May-Friends of Voices from the Heart

Neil & Janice Murray

Carl Nelson

NH Charitable Foundation - Impax Asset Management Charitable Fund

NH Charitable Foundation - Mark & Diana McNabb Charitable Fund

Pamela & Antonios Nicholas

Alison Novello

Ann & Thomas Parziale

Mary Pauly

Reverend Mark Pendelton-Christ Episcopal Church

Frank Pope

James Purington & Christine McHugh Purington

Teresa Puzzo

Alison Pyott

Joseph Radosevich

Marybeth & Thomas Reis


Bethany Church, Greenland

Pastor Bruce Boria

Coordinators: Joan Schaeffer & Rev. Bob Whittet


Christ Episcopal Church, Exeter

Rev. Mark Pendelton

Coordinator: Christine Nelson


First United Methodist Church, Portsmouth

Rev. Debra Hanson

Coordinator: Jennifer Berry


Community Congregational Church of Greenland

Pastor Mark Brockheimer

Coordinators: Richard & BJ Lates


Hampton United Methodist Church

Rev. Dr. Steven Notis

Coordinators: Russ Darling & Priscilla Fanning


Newmarket Community Church

Rev. Patricia Marsden

Coordinator: Kim Sawtelle-Jenlink


North Hampton United Church of Christ

Rev.  Mike Gelsomini

Coordinators: Sherri Amjad & Linda Sherouse


Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Brentwood

Rev.Dr. Tara Olsen Allen

Coordinators: Doris Noyes, Curt Springer and Bette Orcutt


St. Mary’s Church, Newmarket

Father Marc Montminy

Coordinators: Tom Blonski & Helen Sanders


Stratham Community Church

Coordinators: Marny & Joe Keith & Laura Batchelder


Unitarian Universalist Church of Portsmouth

Coordinators: Janet Caylor,

Christine Davidson, Meg Leonard

Evelyn Moore, Rocky Moore

Holding Hands



Exeter Congregational Church

Rev. Dr. Emily Heath

Coordinator: Steve Wood

First Congregational Church of Hampton

Rev. Linda Hey

Coordinator: Jennifer Ramsay


First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter

Rev. Kendra Ford

Coordinator: Helen O. Kruppa


Islamic Society of the Seacoast Area

Coordinator: Brigitte Herz


St. John’s Episcopal Church, Portsmouth

Rev. Rob Stevens

Coordinators: Kathi Hardy & Gerry Simpkins


St. John’s United Methodist Church, Dover

Rev. Sue Frost

Coordinator: Bev Haas


St. Michael’s Church, Exeter

Father Marc Montminy

Coordinators: Tom Blonski and Karen Polzinetti


7th Day Adventist Church, Portsmouth

Pastor Phil Johnson

Coordinator: Joe Afienko


Temple Israel, Portsmouth

Coordinators: Rachel Dennis & Marsha Herman


Durham Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Coordinator: Dawn Meridith


Exeter Rotary

Coordinator: Maggie Dietz


Newmarket Lion’s

Coordinator: Brett Larkin


Newmarket Democratic Town Committee

Coordinator: Michael Cahill